Volunteer Registration is now closed.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who signed up to volunteer this year. We cannot do this mission without you!

Volunteer Jobs/Opportunities

Turkey Cookers

Turkey Cookers are responsible for cooking turkeys leading up to Thanksgiving. They thaw, season, cook, and cool the turkeys to be pulled by the Turkey Pullers.

Turkey Pullers

Turkey Pullers are responsible for pulling turkeys from Monday to Wednesday afternoon.

Kitchen Help

Kitchen Help is responsible for preparing all the fixings that make Thanksgiving Dinner delicious. In order to feed over 5000 people, we cook for the four days prior to Thanksgiving. If you have a love of cooking and you don’t mind hanging out in a hot kitchen, then this is the job for you.


Servers are responsible for dishing up the fixings into the delivery trays. They will also re-filling the trays when the fixings run out.

Bread/Dessert Packers

We often get breads and desserts donated from area restaurants and stores. They generously donate the items that don’t sell after closing time on Wednesday, and we need some help sorting and organizing these last-minute deliveries at LOG.


Drivers will meet at the church on Thursday morning to collect their “routes.” They need to gather all the food necessary for those stops and deliver the food to the people in need. This can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the process, and don’t worry, written driving directions are provided.

Clean Up

Once the meals are done and everyone is gone, the clean up begins. We need to clean up the kitchen and the sanctuary. Heavy lifting is required for this position.

Car Buddies

Car Buddies will be the main escorts to help drivers fill their orders and load their cars. To be a car buddy, you need to be able to lift and carry meals, and be friendly, outgoing, and detail-oriented. It will be up to you to make sure that each driver has everything that they need to make their deliveries.

Traffic Control

Traffic control volunteers will be helping to direct both the people inside and the vehicles in the parking lot. We will need some volunteers at the welcome table to help sign people in and tell them where to go next. We’ll need some in the main room to help rally the troops, and we’ll need some outside directing traffic in the parking lot.

Phone Staff

The phone staff will be stationed in the Church Office, away from the hustle and bustle of food preparation. You will be on standby to answer the phone and give directions to any drivers that may call you. Decision making and technological skills are needed for this position.