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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Feeding the 5000. Don’t see your question below? Submit your question via our Contact page!


Volunteer Registration will open in mid-October.

Our venue is amazing! The room where we prepare all the meals is a Preschool during the day, a multipurpose room at night, and a church on Sundays.

During the week, we often have to share the space with other ministries, so spacial limitations help us dictate how many volunteers we can handle during one shift. Our volunteer opportunities also help dictate how many volunteers should be in each shift as we try to maximize your time with us and increase efficiencies in our processes.

Thus, many times you will notice “This shift is closed” on our Volunteer Registration form. We ask that you kindly choose a different shift to volunteer as that means we have reached capacity on the number of volunteers we need during that time.

When you signed up to volunteer, you should have received a confirmation email with your volunteer date/time. We also send out a reminder email the day before your shift to help you remember.

If you cannot find either of those emails, fill out the form on our Contact page, and we can email you the information.

Every shift is different, so there isn’t one answer. During the week, most of the shifts consist of Turkey Cooking and Turkey Pulling. On Wednesday, we begin with Kitchen Prep, then move into Meal Preparation. Our late night shift on Wednesday includes sorting and packaging Bread and Dessert donations we receive from neighboring stores. Thursday is a big day as we are doing Meal Preparation, Kitchen Prep, Truck Unloading, and our Volunteer Drivers arrive to help deliver the meals.

When you sign up for a shift, you will receive a confirmation email specific to your shift with helpful tips and a description on what you’ll be doing. If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam folder and then email us from the Contact page.

When you sign up for a volunteer shift, our website automatically sends you a confirmation email specific to the shift you signed up for. If you registered for multiple shifts, you should receive an email for each individual shift.

For the most part, this will happen immediately, although, it could take up to several hours for your confirmation email to arrive.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, please first check your Spam/Junk folder. If it’s still not there, let us know on the Contact page, and we can forward one to you.

Volunteers on Sunday – Thursday do not need to bring anything with them. You may wish to bring an apron as some of the volunteer jobs can be a little messy.

Drivers are encouraged to bring a GPS (although printed directions will be provided). We also suggest you bring any kind of boxes, totes, bags, or wagons that you’d like to assist with collecting all of the trays and fixings to your car on Thursday morning. Several drivers in the past have found this very helpful.

Tshirts will be available for purchase during each volunteer shift for $10.00, so you may wish to bring some cash with you.

When Volunteer Registration is open, you will be able to sign up for any open volunteer shift, including Drivers.

Visit the Volunteers page, and sign up to be a Driver for Thursday morning!

No, Drivers are not required to bring a GPS, although we would recommend it if you have one. We provide printed/paper directions for each of the routes we distribute, however, with all the construction going on in our community, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.


Absolutely! If your group has young children, we only ask that you have a 1:3 adult to child ratio for anyone under 13 years old.

It’s always so amazing to see kids rolling up their sleeves to help others, and it’s definitely a lot of fun. By having this 1:3 ratio, it will help us keep everyone on task and maintain a safe volunteering environment for everyone.

Our Group Volunteer shifts are always the first to fill up. If you do not see any other available shift times, then we have reached our volunteer and spacial capacity for those shifts.

If you’re still interested in bringing your group to assist in F5K, please submit the form on our Contact page, and we’ll see what we can do!

If you have several people, more than 10, who would like to volunteer with you, you may qualify as a Group.

Any Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports teams, book clubs, businesses, Youth Groups, etc should use our Group Volunteer Registration form. This form will help us get a better grasp on how many volunteers you’ll be registering and their ages– which in turn, will help us find the best volunteer job for you!

For individuals and families, please use the Volunteer Registration form here.


Food, Dessert and Monetary donations can be dropped off at the Lamb of God Church Office on Tuesday-Thursday from 9 am – 3 pm.

Monetary donations can also be mailed to 19691 Cypress View Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33967. Please be sure to note it’s for Feeding the 5000.

We will begin accepting cookie donations for the Cookie Challenge on Sunday, November 20th.

If you would like to donate another kind of dessert, we will accept those donations on Wednesday between 12 Noon and 5 pm.

Due to spacial limitation and storage, we are unable to accept these donations any sooner than is specified above.


Agency Registration will open in October.

If you have worked with us in the past, you will receive an email when registration is open.

You may upload a spreadsheet in order to register multiple recipients at once, however, we require that you use our Official Agency Spreadsheet as a template. The spreadsheet and instructions on how to use are available on the Agency page.

For technical support, please submit the form on our Contact page.

For Agency specific questions, please contact Cheryl at frogge1@aol.com.

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Volunteer Coordinator

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Agency Coordinator

Have a question about registering your Agency for F5K? Need assistance registering your recipients? Email Cheryl!


Event Coordinator

For any question on the event or food-specific questions, get a hold of Tom!